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November 5, 2006
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yes it's back -.-
I actually did this months and months ago . . . but didn't put it up for some reason
I was browsing through stuff and found it, and thought . . . hey! maybe people'll want to see this!
has a few new ships, lots of new weapons . . . should be interesting . . .
at any rate, hope you enjoy!
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Why, when i'm choose a ship and click play, everything simply resets?

..uh, ii'm know now.
TheHylianBatman Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Is there a newer build?
Mikesw1234 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
This is pretty awesome.
madfox43 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
I have wasted so much time playing this game. For something so randomized, it's loads of fun. Maybe that's part of it...
tntmak Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
cant play
Elder-Sun Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
Great module, Minakosai. Lots of fun.

For those interested in playing a game here, I liked the module so much that I made a basic game for it.
Nobody gets to be the purple guys. For some reason they kill really fast and tend to win.

You get a fleet worth X points. X can be any number -- but I suggest going no higher than 10 points.

FIGHTER SQUADS (you may include only 1 fighter squad in a fleet)
1pt -- x12 drones -- These fly very fast and have a pretty nice weapon to ping away at large ships.
1pt -- x10 interceptors -- These fly very fast to avoid certain weapons.
1pt -- x10 heavy fighters -- These don't fly fast enough to avoid certain weapons.
1pt -- x8 hellspawn -- These survive minor shots well to continue harassing.
1pt -- x4 bomber -- These are very able to kill large ships quickly.
---- The main purpose of a fighter squad is to provide decoy targets as the battle starts so that your other ships are not immediately destroyed by the larger ships on the enemy side. Due to the costing on ships that spawn fighters, you get a much better initial value by choosing a fighter squad over those ships. You will probably not see any of your fighter squad alive at the end of a battle.

MINOR SHIP SQUADS (you may include only 2 minor ship squads in a fleet)
1pt -- x2 heavy bomber -- If you can decoy fire away from these, they kill large ships very fast.
1pt -- x3 light frigate -- These are well rounded ships, able to thin fighter numbers or peck at large ships.
2pts -- x3 heavy frigate -- These are tough for their size and have excellent range to snipe large ships.

MAJOR SHIPS (you may include as many as you like within your point spread)
1pt -- x1 light cruiser -- This ship tags fighters well and at extreme range.
1pt -- x1 hunter killer -- This ship is much like a light cruiser. It is faster, meaner, and easier to destroy.

2pts -- x1 drone frigate -- Left alone too long, this swarms the battle-space with too many drones to handle.
2pts -- x1 destroyer -- This ship excellent against smaller ships and very hard for smaller ships to destroy.

4pts -- x1 carrier -- Like the drone frigate, this ship can spawn fighters quickly. Its bombers are deadly.
4pts -- x1 heavy cruiser -- This ship handles most other ships easily, but can be out-ranged.

6pts -- x1 dreadnought -- This ship handles fighters and large ships well, but can struggle vs mid-sized ships.
6pts -- x1 station -- The base station sports an extreme range 360 degree firing arc of deadly magnitude.

Here's a couple of challenges to get you started:

"Attack the base!" (10 point game)
6pts -- x1 station
2pts -- x6 light frigate
2pts -- x2 hunter killer

Choose another color (not purple!) and build a fleet that does not have a station in it. See if you can destroy the station -- you win the battle if the station is destroyed, even if yellow is the one with ships remaining.

"Escort Assault" (8pt game)
4pts -- x2 destroyer
4pts -- x1 carrier

The goal here is to utterly destroy all three major ships.

I hope to see a third version of the module sometime, Minaskosai. It was fun to toy with.
Elder-Sun Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
Interceptor & Drone squadrons need vastly more ships to compete:

14 Interceptors
20 Drones

Nearly 2 months in and this little module is still my favorite game.
Elder-Sun Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
...and Carrier should be 3pts it seems.
Elder-Sun Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
BLUE "Engage the Imperial Fleet" (20pt battle)

12pts x3 Heavy Cruiser
8pts x2 Carrier

The point system seems to hold up well at higher values. The only issue is that fleets with a fighter squadron tend to spam off the screen when listing ships.
Elder-Sun Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
Further play-testing update -- the light frigate is vastly outperforming in larger battles compared to what it does in tiny solo battles. New point value there:

1pt -- x2 light frigate (instead of x3 light frigate)

This means "Attack the base!" should only have 4 light frigate, not 6 of them.
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