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ok . . . completely different from the last one . . .
this one doesn't have huge, screen filling ships, nor the huge amounts of weaponry present in the last one . . . it does however allow you to put in much larger numbers of ships without the lag ^_^
and a much nicer interface . . . select the team, then the ships you want on that team . . .
or if you don't feel up to it, wait a minute without selecting anything, and it'll provide you with a nice demo! ^_^

hold space for a second or two to restart and return to the menu.

explosions now have gradient rather than one color
turrets target individually
all ships(except the carrier) now called by same function (this reduced the number of lines of code somewhat . . . previous version had about 700, this has abou 550 . . . about half as much as the original)
added two new ships, Heavy Cruiser, and the Dreadnought (VERY tough)
increased fighter weapon power, and intelligence
fixed various bugs
added ship descriptions
yes, I'm well ahead of schedual on that update! =P
lengthened time before demo starts
tweaked explosions . . .
added random element to weapon damage

for those interested, I have a different version which, due to the manner scripted, quickly became problematic . . .
located here: [link]
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sonixverse Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015
how did you program this, id really would like to know how to code something like this. This is amazing
0UnstableIsotope0 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
Must i download it?
Seth344 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010
ZOMG purple does win more
Seth344 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010
you should add a make a ship option that will get this game 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 more visits
HaseoYashimora Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
love the carrier
Dilanski Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010
Awesome, be great if you did a new version
Badwolf66 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009
This is good I'd like to make my own version but with my own ships.
Can you also make like torpedoes that shoot out from the ships that either hit or miss?
viruswatts Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
Having the statistics on there and size of ships makes a huge difference to the feel of the game. Sadly, mousing-over the ships to see what each does without actually clicking ships will still start the demo. Mouse-overs should be equivalent of a mouse click as far as the demo timer is considered. (I did notice that sometimes, it would act like it was going to play, then go right back to the menu. I'm fairly sure my mouse was sitting on a ship at those times.)
Since I'm on the topic of how a game feels, if two ships of the same type are left for the end-battle, then the one with the most hit points is a 50 to 1 favorite. To get rid of this, have the damage dealt by the ships variable. Sad side is this takes away from the speed of the game, to some degree.

Completely off topic, but are you predicting your updates? (The 8th month is August)
minaskosai Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2005
thought the mouseover did that . . . *scratches head* mmmm . . . maybe that got lost (for some reason, Flash has been giving me shit . . . quiting on me and such >_<;)
check on that . . .

variable damage . . . might do . . . there is a change that they'll miss, already built into the program (although it has nothing to do with the graphic), equal to the distance of the ship devided by twice the maximum range of the weapon, in other words 50% at range, decreasing as they get closer . . .

8??ah! :blush: I feel stupid =p

mmm, yup, put the timeout on the rollover . . . but it's probably a bit short(8s if I'm remembering the frame rate right =p) . . . I'll lengthen both it and the general to help prevent the demo from starting when not wanted . . .
Skeletina Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2005   Traditional Artist
I've got a strange feeling I would suck at this! :giggle:
minaskosai Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2005
(big hint, include a dreadnought on your team, and you'll win!!)
Skeletina Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005   Traditional Artist
YAY! :w00t: Thank you! :heart: Now I too can rule the world! :evillaugh:
minaskosai Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005
only if your planning on governing it under my INTERSTELLAR EMPIRE!! :evillaugh:

viruswatts Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
Much better! I get lag when a carrier releases its horde, but other than that the program runs smoothly. A more realistic carrier should release them one at a time (with only one or two “steps” between) all coming out from the same spot(s) of the ship to look like its "air strip(s)." This would also prevent the ships from clumping together.
The Dreadnought seems to get an unfair rotation to start the simulation. After further review, I realized that the rotation looks random, and simply can shoot down just about anything in range within a few shots. If all of the ships random placement and rotation could be taken care of before the player can see anything would be better. Please note, no one should be able to fire (or move) before the player can see. A way to do this could be to have each ship spawn with their guns in a "just fired" position. (Looked at the ship longer) Now it appears that the Dreadnought gets a free shot of its most powerful weapon (or maybe all of them, with their powershot graphic on top) without hindrance of range or rotation. (put them in “spawned and just fired” position when starting could prevent them from firing without range and rotation restrictions). The Dreadnought does get an unfair free rotation when they world wrap. (Note, I’m just paying more attention to the Dreadnought since it seems to be able to take down any army. The rest of the ships are likely to have the same bugs.)
By name alone, someone new to the program wouldn't know the power of each of the ships. Could you create a info box that updates itself when the player mouse overs the menu's ships. Info in the box should include: visual size of ship in game, number of turrets (sorted by power level), power of guns, armor (if relevant), health, speed, rotation speed.
Purple appears to win more often because they are by default, the color the player picks ships for first. Ship order decides who get to fire first, and therefore who wins in an even battle.

(I wonder if the comment box can post all this text... hem...)
minaskosai Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
wow! thanks for the comments!!

yeah, looks like I forgot to set the initial rotation, so it didn't set untill after they had the chance to fire, etc . . . easily fixed. same with the weapon fire . . .

and the info screen is an EXCELLENT IDEA, must implement that . . .

I haven't noticed a world-wrap bug . . . and it *shouldn't* do anything . . . the only thing being changed in the process is the x/y position . . . :shrug:

limiting the number of fighters the carrier puts out should help a bit, too, although the way I've got it, that might be a little more difficult to do . . . and the fighters are supposed to group together somewhat. . . although it is a bit unrealistic . . . ooo, I know!! the carrier doen't actually hold the fighters, it opens a wormhole that allows fighter wings to enter the field! :D how convenient!
=p nah, I'll see what I can come up with on that.

thanks again! :D

P.S. the dreadnought can't take out any army, it just takes a lot ;) . . . five heavy cruisers did the trick for me (although there was only one remaining=p)
viruswatts Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
World Wrap Bug - I tried duplicating the bug (5 different team D-nots, resetting when they were not next to the edge moving toward the edge). 10 of 10 worked correctly...

Carrier's Fighters - On the difficult end, they could come out in twos until they are all out, then go and fight as one group. Major AI work there.
Wormhole, eh? Then its an Arbiter (StarCraft)!

Better World Wrap AI - I'm assuming that the AI chooses its targets by finding the shortest distanced enemy. It could check two or five points (depends on your direction of programming) to take advantage of being able to world wrap (like a human player would).
(2 points) One, itself to enemy; two, the other side of the closest edge from ship to the closest enemy + distance to the closer edge from ship Click here for a better explanation of Point two
or (5 points) itself to enemy; and all edges to enemy + distance of other edge from ship (which becomes a hassle and much more lag on the machine, so use the first method).
The ship would move toward the shorter distance of the two/five. (After making that picture, I'd almost consider a three point path finder, but only for a "perfectionist AI."
minaskosai Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005
in general, yes, the shortest distanced enemy, with a few exceptions (dreadnoughts shouldn't start trying to target fighters for example, at least not untill there aren't anything but fighter/bombers, although it has happened)(hah! and I just realized why! silly me=p), and instead of the your idea, of moving directly to the edge, it would probably be easier to just *move* the other ship +/- 800/600 and calculate that distance and angle . . . but only if (either/both) ship(s) is within a certain distance of the edge itself . . . the calculations would be much easier, and probably less additional lag, too.

as to the carrier . . . the problem I was having was in trying to find a way to make them come out seperately . . . the way I have it, it's just like the lasers . . . lauch fighters, reset time, countdown (actually countup, I think =p) . . . upon further thought, it shouldn't be terribly difficult . . .
googley Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2005
Hahaha, this is so cool. The scripting must be a pain! >_< :thumbsup:
minaskosai Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2005
nah, easy!! the whole thing took me about twelve hrs of work, maybe less. most of it written fresh just for this thing ^_^
although the code's pretty crappily done . . . need to go over stuff and simplify everything . . . have lots stuff in there that I can either do much easier, or do without . . .
xJukax Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2005
pretty cool ... pink seems to win more then the rest or thats probably my imagination ... lol, well great simation i guess ...
minaskosai Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2005
they *shouldn't* . . . . unless by just random chance . . .
i might have messed up my coding someplace, though . . .:shrug:
although I've noticed a few times that a team that *really* shouldn't win, does so . . . usually PURPLE =p
actually, too
(yeah . . . does look like pink for some reason =p)
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